Project Description

Rack Type Dishwasher
Power : 36 kW – 400V, 3NPE AC /50-60Hz
Dimension : 1300 x 800 x 1500 mm
Control type : Programmable time, temperature and dosage control.
Capacity : 500 x 500 mm baskets.
Net Weight : 253 kg
Gross Weight : 313 kg
Packaging Dimension : 1450 x 940 x 1680 mm



Washing – Dishwasher
Rack Type Dishwasher

Small rack-type dish washer with capacity of 160 racks per hour. Powered with 36 kW boiler heating element. Designed for left to right operation.
Suitable for medium and large-sized restaurant, to be placed on the back area of a kitchen close to the dish storage area. Capable for running continuously for three-shifts operation.