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Providing Food Service Solutions with Innovation & Relentless Craftsmanship Excellence
to Create Kitchen Equipment for Professionals & Chefs Worldwide

Nayati Indonesia - Professional Kitchen Equipment

Our Company

Nayati’s journey towards excellence has taken over 35 Years of continuous development, from a simple stainless steel workshop to an international kitchen equipment brand. Determination, ambitious innovation and relentless pursuit of craftsmanship excellence have positioned Nayati where it is today, delivering premium kitchen solutions to chefs all over the world.

Gastronomy Restaurant

One will find it so common that Nayati is what they consider value products in restaurant. Having different product with different capacity gives customers freedom to choose tailored solution for their professional exclusive restaurants.


It’s a treasured place where family and friends belong. Residential home kitchen provide masterpiece with our core purpose of pursuing perfection in the kitchen.


Understanding the need in detail, to design and deliver a sophisticated commercial kitchen for an ultimate cooking experience for your hotel kitchen.

Advanced and Cost-Effective Commercial Kitchen Equipment
100% Made in Indonesia

Kitchen Block

Western Cooking

Asian Cooking

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Nayati After Sales Service

After Sales Service

All of our appliances are handled by certified professional from inquiry handling to after-sales service. We combine our know-how with the latest technology available, to ensure that the equipment is extensively used with full reliability.

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