Project Description

Gas – Dim Sum Steamer
Power : LPG/LNG 33 kW, and 0.004 kW – 230V, 1NPE AC / 50-60 Hz
Dimension : 900 x 900 x 750/1200 mm
Control type : High-low power control
Cooking Surface/Capacity : Ø 600 mm
Net Weight : 141 kg
Gross Weight : 205 kg
Packaging Dimension : 930 x 930 x 1320 mm



Oriental Cooking – Gas Steamer
Gas – Dim Sum Steamer
NGSB 9-90 LN

Gas dim sum steamer with one steaming engine for seven dim sum trays steaming capacity. Equipped with high-performance burners of a total of 33 kW power rate for quick steam.
Three steaming operations to achieve the ideal balance between performance and energy-saving when needed. The deck cooling & cleaning system guarantees easy cleaning and a maximum of hygiene.
Powerful and suitable for mass production of dim sum and steamed food, the NGSB steamer is the perfect choice for all Asian restaurants.


NGSB 9-90 LN