A well-designed and expertly-installed kitchen can add significant worth to your residence and enhance your daily life with functional and beautiful features. The kitchen is often the heart of the house. It’s where you cook, entertain, and gather with family and friends. That’s why selecting the correct kitchen that meets your needs and reflects your style is essential.

Titik Temu Sarinah

The residential kitchen fitted at Datuk Judy in Kuala Lumpur mirrors that of a commercial kitchen, which is why Nayati Gourmet Master was selected. Nayati is one of the few manufacturers that can combine the aesthetic of a premium residential kitchen with the durability and performance that a commercial kitchen requires. A high-end brand that is not only a statement piece but can also improve the cooking experience and add value to your home.

Completed with a wide range of cooking options from stove, oven, griddle, wok, to salamander, the kitchen is well-suited to welcome visitors with restaurant-grade cuisines!

Check out the video showing how Nayati is blending into the avant-garde of a house of Datuk Judy in Kuala Lumpur!