Pondok Indah Hospital Group gained a strong momentum after building its third Hospital: Bintaro Jaya Pondok Indah in the last quarter of 2017. The hospital is inspiring the extensive reach of patients by providing excellent and integrated medical services.


Facilities found inside the hospital are top-notch, a cutting-edge enterprise that employs continuous integration between the department, supporting experts at medical industry working for the hospital.

The scope was to facilitate the hospital with capabilities to deliver 900 daily portions as the third branch is to serve as the central kitchen for the first and the second. Such comprehensive setups from preparation, pastry, butchery, cold and hot kitchen are designed to complement the workflow and hygiene standards.

“Nayati is a premium kitchen equipment brand that has been widely used by various types of industries. Nayati provides us one-stop kitchen solution, from layout planning to the installation. That’s one of the reasons why Bintaro Jaya Pondok Indah Hospital chooses Nayati.” says dr. Indah Pratiwi Ersanty, MKK, the active ancillary service manager.

Nayati is proud to facilitate and moreover becoming the key partner of Pondok Indah Hospital Group; supporting them in feeding both body and mind of people back to health. Check the video link below to see our equipment being extensively used by Bintaro Jaya Pondok Indah Hospital.

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