Ming Yuan Restaurant answers the yearning of authentic Oriental Cuisine in Semarang that seeks class and identity amidst the well-established local taste on the menu. Ming Yuan aims to place itself as the most dynamic restaurant that stays true to its Cantonese dish’s origin while accentuating the value of quality. Along with the daily traffic that defines the heart of a busy Chinese restaurant, Ming Yuan is also recognized for its events and function.¬†It was important for Nayati to give the best sparkling arrangements for Ming Yuan.


In the build-up process, it was apparent for Nayati that Ming Yuan expects an uncompromised method of oriental cooking. A scorching flame that comes from a dominant sounding wok along with smoldering heat coming from a steamer is a constant part of the kitchen, continuously and consistently.

Five blower powered woks are installed side by side, handling most of the cooking.  Steamers are employed to its full with the distinct purpose: deck steaming for rice, fish, and chicken, for dim sum and the other for rice rolled dishes. On the far side of the kitchen, a chamber is in place to contain a duck roaster and pig roaster.

The kitchen operates for lunch and dinner seven days a week, 15 working hours that requires focused “production” floor that generates a high output of menu each minute. If anything goes wrong, the pressure is immense. Time and efficiency are essential. Ming Yuan looks forward to stepping confidently seizing its daily task using Nayati to match their quality of service.

Check out our video below to see Nayati equipment in action during Ming Yuan’s busiest!