The newly designed knobs, which are now installed across all of our premium lines, are redefining durability in Foodservice Industry. The knobs are designed with an ergonomic radius with a bold circular handle where it indirectly informs the position of the knobs to the users without having them look at the knobs directly.

The material used for the knobs is also infused with fiber for superior durability. High-temperature resistance and hardness level make the knobs an ideal choice for everyday use in a high-stress foodservice environment.

Extremely Rigid

We have conducted a rigorous test with this new knob of ours and found that with this design, the knob can withstand a full-swing metal hammer impact directly at its weakest point (circular ring around the knobs).

Extremely Strong

We are not saying that there will be a truck-sized car in the kitchen, but we’ll never know, right? Our knobs have withstood the impact of a car running over, with only a few minor scratches on the surface as a result.