Nayati is committed to providing total food service solutions. Consequently, we offer the finest equipment, products, and services to support your food service needs.


Restomart (PT. Restomart Cipta Usaha) was established by the NAYATI Group with the aim of inspiring and providing solutions to the culinary community. The company is committed to assisting you in creating your ideal kitchen, a space where you can explore, find inspiration, and bring your culinary ideas to life. It is a place where you can leave your mark on the world of culinary art.

Restomart Showroom in Denpasar
Gourmet House Cooking Class

Gourmet House

Gourmet House (PT. Prima Sarana Boga), a subsidiary of the Nayati Group, is dedicated to delivering exceptional services within the culinary domain. Offering a comprehensive range of offerings, including cooking classes, food catering services, and kitchen equipment rental, Gourmet House endeavors to meet the diverse needs of culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Since its initiation in 1983, Nayati has achieved strategic milestones placing us in a competitive position where we are today as the leading manufacturer of Professional Cooking Equipment in Asia.

We are grateful to those who have tirelessly advanced our cause since the beginning, building the foundation of the enterprise and the spirit of the company in Inspiration and Innovation. Their optimistic spirit is keeping the company a trusted place to work in and work with, where our clients place complete confidence in Nayati to deliver excellent products.