As a homeowner, everyone desires a reliable kitchen that works day-in and day out. As a homeowner with a restaurateur profession, a reliable kitchen is a minimum requirement, the kitchen has to perform in a commercial-grade situation.

This is the very case of Mr. Sonny and his wife, Mrs. Reny, who own numerous successful Asian-style restaurants. As loyal customers of Nayati, they want to bring their restaurant cooking to their home.

To cover a wide spectrum of cuisine, Mr. Sonny entrusted the kitchen configuration with Open Burner Range with Griddle add-on, Wok Range, and Charcoal Gas Grill. They are further reinforced with the Convection Oven below to cover pastry products as well.

“As a restaurant businessman, I’ve been using Nayati, and with the quality that Nayati delivers, I have entrusted our personal kitchen to be made by Nayati,” says Mr. Sonny on how happy he made the decision to use Gourmet Master as their personal choice.