In connection with 2015 Primaniyarta Award, where Nayati is awarded as one of the best performing company in pioneering new export market, Nayati Europe, based in Brussel, Belgium, has the exclusive opportunity to welcome distinguished visitors from Indonesia; A visit that is signified by the team of Ministry of Industry, Mr. Saleh Husein accompanied by industrial attache, Mr. Putu Juli Ardika and trade attache, Mrs. Olvy Andrianita, in the first week of April 2016.

Throughout the visit, General Manager of Nayati Europe, Mr. Michel Rozman is proud to acclaim that the high-quality fabrication is all originated from Indonesia. Nayati Oriental and Modular Cooking products were highlighted and presented thoroughly, how it is manufactured and designed to the highest cooking equipment standard defined by European Norm while keeping the aesthetic sense visible. “The product is a competitive product in both quality and value that We are creating business and impact for almost 20 years with Nayati,” as he explains.

Related to the visit, The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia MR. Yuri O. Thamrin has the pleasure to invite Mr. Rozman to attend a “vin d’ honneur” at Wiltcher’s Steinberger Hotel in the presence of His Majesty, the King of Belgium.