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Contributing toward the innovation development for Hospital Equipments and Necessities in supporting the Nutrition and Laundry Services, Restomart, the biggest Nayati distributors and partners in Indonesia, participates in the event of Hospital Standard Amenities and Archictecture and the Hospital Expo 2016 which was organized by the Association of Indonesian Hospital (Persi) Central Java on Tuesday and Wednesday, 30-31 August 2016 with the attendance of 600 Indonesian doctors and hospital management at Patra Jasa Building, Semarang. The event started at 8am with the discussion topic about good standard architecture and facility of hospital which is required and suitable for patients’ necessities and how to improve the existing hospital service quality according to the medical ethics.

During this event, Restomart was given the honour to give out the speech on Wednesday, 31 August 2016. Drs. Agus Yunianto and Ms. Enny Soendary, S.T, the representative speaker of Restomart, took the opportunity to share about the standard equipments required for Hospital and Nutrition Service by introducing the standard kitchen layout according to the hospital patient serving capacities and kitchen type. Ms. Enny Soendari also described that the key issue that there still has big number of hospitals which do not have the standard kitchen facilities where most of hospital kitchens were designed simply using the basic home kitchen concept, not using the standard kitchen of hospital out there. In fact as known, the hospital kitchen plays the equal importance with other hospital facilities in which the kitchen is the main area where the food is being prepared and served for the patients during their recovery process. Furthermore, Drs. Agus Yunianto continued explaining the importance of laundry services which reflect on the service quality represented by the hospital. Apart from using the standard laundry equipments, the hospital can also minimize the cost using the right equipments according to their laundry area and requirements based on daily needs of patients and rooms.

Last but not least, Restomart felt appreciated that the speech was having good responses from all the seminar guests and hope that this will build positive awareness towards bringing better hospital service quality in Indonesia. This event was organized together with Hospital Expo 2016 which designed to ease and lead the seminar participants and guests to being able to interact directly about kichen and laundry equipments displayed at Restomart booth.

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