What many deem to be adequate and good enough, won’t be the case for anything akin to the all-new Apéritif Restaurant & Bar in Ubud, Bali. Starting the collaboration with the Golden Monkey in Ubud as well, the family-owned enterprise decided to double down and initiate an ambitious and modern dining destination overlooking the natural jungle landscape of Ubud.

Profound respect to ingredients accompanied by the finesse of modern Europen culinary techniques are two foundations of Apéritif; specific demands for the equipment to go along with it are mandatory: it should be comfortable to operate and clean, without any form of compromise in performance or reliability.


Nayati’s Gourmet Master delivers, subtly, the flat, unobtrusive cooking suite design that doesn’t hinder the view of the preparation area. To further improve the balance, the top and the front panel are welded together in a unibody design.

Reinforcing stability while improving hygiene and serviceability, the drop-in sections for the charcoal grill, teppanyaki and fryer are all curved nicely to seal any gap and fit the overall design. As most passages to the internal part are intelligently closed, the overall lifetime of the equipment can be significantly improved.

Delivering sophisticated degustation menu is the fundament for Apéritif, Nayati incorporates the induction technology from Fluxron that utilizes temperature probe to sense the core temperature, be it meat or chocolate accurately. The overhead user interface of the induction further obviates the needs of unnecessary ergonomy.

The Apéritif cooking suite will prove to be the most innovation-driving yet.
Check out our Innovation Campaign: Nayati Ownership Value’s video below, highlighting essential features of Nayati Gourmet Master Cooking Suite.


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