Each module of Meritus 750 is designed with a uniform depth of 750 and a height of 850 mm. The unit can be fitted next to each other seamlessly improving workflow and ease of cleaning operation.

Attention to Details

The front part of the top surface of Meritus equipment is designed in a particular way to ensure liquid dripping is not penetrating into the inner part of the equipment, prolonging lifetime of the components.

Joining System

Two or more units can be joined together easily from outside, thanks to the uniquely designed Nayati Connection Button.

Knob Protection

Behind the operating knobs are integrated gaskets for both gas and electrical version of the equipment, ensuring dirt or grease will be kept outside and easy to clean.

Cabinet with Radius

The cabinet underneath is designed with a radius, no dirt trap, ensuring a balance between storage, ease of cleaning, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Meritus 750 consists of more than 50 modules, including gas and electric-powered appliances. Neutral working counters with different lengths are also available to fit and fill available spaces. Checkout the detail of New Meritus and the video below: