Nayati Kitchen Block

Designed for and with professionals. Kitchen Block can be made in various executions, with high-class components and produced in a modern well-equipped factory. Whether the chef likes to work on a square kitchen block or a modern designed ellipse block, Nayati fulfills on demand

Popular Kitchen Block by Nayati

One Side

The configuration consists of a highly – efficient induction powered wok and pas cooker that can be used as a noodle and soup station as well. Not only this, we have too other one side kitchen block to support your restaurant and your chef.

Two Side – Combination

This kitchen block adapts from a modern restaurant to serve a modern fusion menu as a mix between oriental cooking and western cooking. It is good for a restaurant that provide fusion menu as oriental and western food rather than a have separate kitchen.

Kitchen Block Supreme Two Side by Nayati
Custom Oval Kitchen Block by Nayati

Special – Custom

Nayati Kitchen Blocks Special is made especially for you and your restaurant identity.  This kitchen block has a unique side because you can request by custom the shape of the kitchen block like ellipse, three side “U”.


NKBG 20-90

ODS-520 & OPM-310

Knowledge is a journey, and a well-traveled journey is always accompanied by a good meal. Be it a culinary institute or an engineering school, it is necessary that the students are well-fed and has the energy to activate their brain cell. Nayati have handled various projects in education institution contributing premium menu to the classroom.

Nayati trusted by UGM Academic Hospital Yogyakarta to provide the cooking equipment for the main kitchen, by giving high-quality cooking equipment that matches with the hospital hygiene standard

Experience Nayati : Health Polytechnic Semarang

Gourmet Master, made to measure for the master!

The unique total solutions of Kitchen Block is the result of high level of specialist expertise and our decades of experience in the field of cooking solutions.

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