Project Description

Electric – Noodle Cooker
Power : 13.84 kW – 400V, 3NPE AC /50-60Hz
Dimension : 600 x 750 x 850/870 mm
Control type : Modulating temperature control, autolifter: individual timers with reset functionality.
Cooking Surface/Capacity : 27 liters, 320 x 475 mm
Net Weight : 81 kg
Gross Weight : 102 kg
Packaging Dimension : 630 x 780 x 990 mm



Modular Cooking – Meritus
Electric – Noodle Cooker
NEN 26 AL (ME)

Modular electric noodle cooker with 750 mm depth, equipped with high-efficient heaters of a total connected load of 13.8 kW. Equipped with auto-lifting modul to control 6 basket individually.
Two, individually temperature-controlled tanks, made of salt-resistant stainless steel. Each tank with a faucet for tank filling, easy operable from the front panel. Designed for continuous and high-speed cooking of noodles, the perfect choice for any Asian restaurants.
Made of AISI 304 with 1.5 mm top thickness, temperature controlled, noodle tank is welded.


NEN 26 AL (ME)