Project Description

Gas – Duck Roaster
Power : LPG 14 kW, LNG 15 kW
Dimension : Ø 980 x Ø 980 x 1607 mm
Control type : High-low power control
Cooking Surface/Capacity : 12 ducks, Ø 900 mm
Net Weight : 89 kg
Gross Weight : 140 kg
Packaging Dimension : 1010 x 1010 x 1670 mm



Oriental Cooking – Roaster & Grill
Gas – Duck Roaster
NGDR 900 CE (double layer)

Gas duck roaster, equipped with a high-performance burner of 14/15 kW (LPG/LNG) power rate and a roasting capacity for twelve ducks.
Made of stainless steel and designed for ease of use with a lift top-lid to access the duck hanging-rail. Equipped with an observation door, ventilation cover, temperature gauge and a drainage area to collect the dropping oil.


NGDR 900 CE (double layer)