Project Description

Gas – Wok Kwalie with Blower
Power : LPG/LNG 93 kW
Dimension : 2400 x 1250 x 800/1250 mm
Control type : Open-close valve
Cooking Surface/Capacity : 2 x Wok burner = Ø 330 mm, 2 x soup burner = Ø 280 mm
Net Weight : 548 kg
Gross Weight : 718 kg
Packaging Dimension : 2430 x 1280 x 1370 mm



Oriental Cooking – Wok Range Chinese Pro
Gas – Wok Kwalie with Blower
NGKB 24-125 W2S2N2

Shanghai-style, high-performance gas wok with blower. Equipped with two 40 kW premix burners, built in a fire brick chamber for highest thermal efficiency with a low combustion noise of below 70 dBA and supplied with two clay-pot burners of 6.5 kW power rate each and two neutral water-/soup pans in the rear. This wok is designed to meet the needs of professional Chinese chefs and is the perfect solution for high-frequent Asian restaurants.
Slanted, deep drawn 3.2 mm strong, reinforced top panel made of stainless steel AISI 304 with a heavy-duty removable cast iron wok ring and potholder for the clay pot burner. Cold-water supply with one swivel faucet mounted on the backsplash, easily operable from the front panel.
The intelligent deck cooling & cleaning system with spray nozzles guarantee an efficient cooling of the top panel and an enhanced hygienic as the food leftovers are flushed away towards the drain channel in the front. The built-in strainer avoids congestions of the drain.


NGKB 24-125 W2S2N2