Project Description

Gas – Wok table top
Power : LPG 23 kW, LNG 26 kW
Dimension : 800 x 600 x 300/361.5 mm
Control type : High-low power control
Cooking Surface/Capacity : 2 x Ø 280 mm
Net Weight : 47 kg
Gross Weight : 58 kg
Packaging Dimension : 830 x 630 x 485 mm



Oriental Cooking – Wok Range
Gas – Wok table top
NGWT 7-55 SN

Table-top gas wok with two burners, each with a power rate of 11.5/13 kW. Compact design with a depth of 600 mm. Due to the versatile usage as a wok unit, open burner or pot cooker, it is suitable for various methods of Oriental and Western cooking.
This wok is the perfect choice for catering-, street-food-, food-truck businesses and small kitchens.
Made of stainless steel AISI 304 with 1.2 mm strong top panel, burner with a cast iron pot holder and a stainless steel wok ring. Equipped with a drawer below the burner to collect grease, food debris and spillages for easy cleaning and enhanced hygienic.


NGWT 7-55 SN