Project Description

Gas – Teppanyaki TP
Power : LPG/LNG 14 kW
Dimension : 1200 x 770/895 x 850 mm
Control type : Modulating temperature control
Cooking Surface/Capacity : 960 x 550 mm
Net Weight : 199 kg
Gross Weight : 231 kg
Packaging Dimension : 1230 x 925 x 970 mm



Oriental Cooking – Teppanyaki Griddle
Gas – Teppanyaki TP
TP-JG 12/G

Gas Teppanyaki Griddle with uniform heating and accurate temperature control for superior hibachi-style cooking.
Two, individually controlled heating zones energized by high-performance, atmospheric burners with a total of 14 kW power rate. The griddles are made of 20 mm thick, highly polished S355JR steel, which are designed to withstand the daily use of knives and spatulas.
Mounted on a sturdy stainless steel frame construction with a spacious base cabinet which is equipped with sliding doors. The removable top frame for the griddle and the large capacity grease container guarantees an excellent hygienic level.


TP-JG 12/G