Celebrating 20th Food and Hotel Asia Exhibition in Singapore-EXPO, Nayati was not shy to display superior kitchen product line. However, Nayati is doing something different this year, different style and touch that gave positive surprise to the customers.

The booth display is designed much cleaner, simpler, more uncluttered than before, few select color on the stand along with a more open stage, in the end, helped the customers to focus more on the product with less distraction. Having more attention to the product articulates the craftsmanship behind and eventually tells far better selling point than a wordy sales pitch.

Meritus 750 and Grandis 900 Modular Cooking Line were displayed on the side aisle of the stand while the Gourmet Master Cooking Block were exhibited facing the prime corridor. At the center of the stand, different sizes of Combi Steamer is displayed along with Tilting Boiling and Braising Pan Series, representing kitchen production concept. Committing Total Solution, principal washing products: Hood, Undercounter, and Small Rack Type Dishwasher were introduced side by side together with the all new Barline Concept that highlight its modularity and hygiene concept.