Committed to firm vision of providing exceptional beverages and food for 120 seats and to daily fifteen operating hours of 11.00 – 01.00, A to Z Bar, Wine and Brasseries aims to be one of the energetic and exciting venues, and they prepare themselves well by choosing Nayati as their food service partners.

Offering famous Western Grilled and Braised Meat with a mix of Asian exquisite cuisine requires versatility and flexibility, and that’s where Meritus line triumphs. The charcoal broiler is installed side by side to the eight-zone open burner to do the majority of the cooking while the fryer is situated adjacent to the salamander, facing the serving hatch, and eventually, the sitting area. “I can’t emphasize more how important it is to have a consistent and reliable equipment standing behind your back, especially if you are aiming to be no. 1,” says the manager, Mrs. Della Sicilia.

In the central bar area, Nayati team installed the newly designed chilling counter that integrates well with the surrounding interior, an important detail not to miss. “A good brasserie cannot be evaluated in a calculable way because every little thing counts. From the flooring, lighting, room temperature, the shine of the glasses, food temperature and so on…, every detail counts, literally, from A to Z,” as she closes the interview. Seeing overwhelming demands in the venue, the management team doesn’t hesitate to look forward into expanding the facility to 250 seatings by the next holiday season.