In professional food service industry, Host Milan 2015, from October 23 to 27, is, undoubtedly, the biggest trade show. Nayati had the opportunity to display premium modular cooking equipment including the redesigned Pasta Cooker and Innovative Knobless Kitchen Block. “The purpose of the show is to gain better brand image around the world by showing unique experience of Nayati’s quality product directly to customers and partners,” says the Nayati’s Export Manager. “A substantial increase of 10% visitor compared to the previous Host is evident that Nayati received positive development from the market” he added.

A complete and versatile Meritus and Grandis lines were displayed side by side unified with solid stainless steel plinth with Electric and Gas version respectively showing the premium quality of the modular cooking setting. A portable teppanyaki with innovative SSS heating was displayed, defining mobility in professional grilling, next to it was Nayati All New Pasta Station, configured with twin wok induction instead of conventional flat induction to increase cooking volume and smoother sautéing. Modular Cooking’s Production Line, consisting of 900 mm depth 150 liters automatic tilting boiling pan and braising pan, was also displayed facing on the opposite aisle. An innovative premix engine 150 liters was also presented, introducing the superior boiling performance of 28 minutes.

On the center of the stage, Nayati unveiled the first Knobless Kitchen Block. Crafted from highest specification component and operated with innovative digital control positioned on the over shelf for chef’s ultimate comfort, the kitchen block is, needless to say, the center of the attention.

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