Aiming as quality kitchen equipment manufacturer, the promising year of 2015 is an exciting time for Nayati. Since the beginning of 2013, the management had decided that Nayati couldn’t keep up with the increasing demands at this current state and the needs to expand its manufacturing capacity was imminent. Thanks for the rapid growth of Food and Beverage Industry, Nayati was able to use the resource to expand its production facility by another 10.000 m2 (total of 40.000 m2) and at the same time, turning the production process and workflow around.

“Having a clear workflow is essential in any manufacturing processes, to achieve the optimum workflow, our production facility has been set up with a brand new layout,” says the Production Manager. In such way, it is almost considered illogical, to spend the amount of resource to build a completely new manufacturing center just to “remodel” the current factory instead of relocate the facility, however, the management understood that Nayati needs to keep the manufacturing center where it is now, knowing its strategic position between the sea and airport.

This strategic step also represents the 30th anniversary of Nayati and its plan to step ahead and strive forward for many years to come.” The result of the expansion is tremendous in supporting our production capacity” says the Managing Director.

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