Following the distinguished success of Bo$$ Man and Sisterfields, renowned executive chefs, Jethro Vincent and Kevin Chung, continued their legacy in creating the most ambitious yet, Bikini Restaurant. Situated in Jl. Kayu Cendana in Seminyak, the venue quickly managed to be very popular among cuisine expert on an international scale.

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Raising the challenge, the duo made the decision not to categorize the food offered, so every dishes is unique and whimsical, from oyster to popcorn, each reflecting the perfect atmosphere, of the space, and of the moment. “Bikini is all about modern shape fine dining. The food is quite intricate, but we want it to be accessible to general public,” says Chef Jethro.

The decision to use Nayati was for them, a right decision. “We work with premium products, and equally, We need premium equipment products to match that level of service,” continued Chef Jethro.

Versatility is required, an U Gourmet Master kitchen block with three working sides was installed, allowing the user to fluently moves from preparation to service of the cuisine within the available space. Every centimeter is meticulously designed to cater these needs, having two sets of open burner ranges with oven, noodle cooker, griddle plate, and mini combi steamers will allow them to be independently creative and efficient. A set of salamander, deep-fat fryer, and a full-sized plancha grill serve as comprehensive finishing cuisine instruments, for everything has to be flawless. “… And it really helps with the work flow, we only had the U shape available, and to have two linear stations wasn’t really an option for us,” as Chef Jethro explained the initial requirement of the project.

The core value of Bikini Restaurant is creativity without limit, allowing chefs to express their inner emotion, having Nayati as the kitchen has helped them to maximize their capacity in the given space.
“I was extremely satisfied with the final product that Nayati has delivered, everything from design, delivery, installation and after sales care is perfect!” as he concluded the interview. Check out our video project below.

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