Nayati Economic Gas Fryer favored by countless customers across Indonesia as the most known professional gas deep fat fryer. It also proves to be versatile, powerful and consistent. Available in a single tank of 14 liters, double tank of 14 liters, or single large tank of 23 liters, Nayati GFE is flexible for a variety of professional application. The construction is made of stainless steel inside-out, resulting in a very robust, straightforward, yet unexcessive, suitable for heavy commercial use.

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The all-new improved basket holder is designed with two parallel stainless steel shafts, instead of one. This functionality is particularly intended to enable chefs to rinse the oil off the fried product in the basket directly on the holder, reducing troublesome and hazardous motion that potentially could happen. The shafts design is easily cleanable, not allowing deposit of oil residue to stay which eventually reducing risk of fire hazard.

The quintessential remark of a fryer is fast recovery its oil temperature while maintaining it at high temperature without much overshoot; this is a philosophy that Nayati paid undivided attention to. The tank geometry along with the tubular burner of GFE have been meticulously fabricated to reduce the drop of oil temperature while managed to achieve higher than average frying performance and efficiency among other appliances in the market.

By focusing on what’s important, Nayati GFE delivers great and uncompromised performance in a practical and robust design. Check out Nayati Economic Gas Fryer video performance below.

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