Situated at the heart of Semarang, People of the Sun is a trendy and vibrant spot that offers a unique experience for visitors. As soon as you step inside, you’ll notice the beautiful decor, which combines traditional and modern elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. One of the most popular features of People of the Sun is its extensive cocktail menu. Their skilled bartenders create unique and delicious drinks perfect for any occasion.

Titik Temu Sarinah

But the drinks are just the beginning. People of the Sun also offers a variety of snacks and light meals that are perfect for sharing with friends. Their menu includes traditional Indonesian dishes, as well as some more international options.

Nayati had the opportunity to fit and empower the bar with a custom-sized setup that genuinely fits the limited available space. Having the barline L-shaped and curved following the seating area allows free movement of the bartender inside the already limited spaces. The undercounter chiller, the dishwasher, the sinks, and the cocktails station are all custom designed and manufactured to ideally fit the Mexican-themed bar.

Check out the video showing how Nayati deliver superb bar fitting at People of the Sun!