Tentrem Hotel Group has marked its territory in Semarang as their second establishment officially introduced in the middle of 2020.
Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta is known for emphasizing its Javanese cultural value since its inception. While Hotel Tentrem Semarang highlights Peranakan Chinese, the architectural concept is also adopting a lot from Peranakan Chinese value.
“Kayu Manis is initially intended to serve 210 covers, but we reduced it to 116 covers during this pandemic. It is open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily,” says Chef Henry Brahmana.
Besides famous and high-quality authentic cuisine from Semarang, the menu that is crafted here is as well inspired by different parts of Indonesia, such as East and West Java, Sumatera, Borneo, and Bali. All are authentically prepared and dressed with modern execution.
Crafting distinctive kitchens that integrates local heritage and foodservice’s latest technology. All to match different kitchen situations from Chinese Restaurants to its Sky Lounge.
Custom display that integrates different local culture-inspired restaurant/bar/lounges situated in the Hotel area. All respecting newly implemented Covid-19 safety protocol.
The front cooking single top kitchen block, free-standing appliances completed with plinth, and fully fitted 750 modular cooking are installed to leverage better cleaning processes
“Nayati is capable of handling our needs as a five-star hotel. I’ve received good service when I request something particular and is doing great for routine equipment service or repair. As long as I have been in Tentrem, I must say that Nayati (and Restomart) can handle minute details that I request and capable of maintaining the equipment in good condition and respond very fast.” says Chef Henry Brahmana as the Corporate Executive Chef of Tentrem Hotel Semarang.
Please check out our video below highlighting how Nayati with the help of Restomart as the contracting partner fit the foodservice establishment in Hotel Tentrem Semarang with excellent result!