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Teppanyaki is, undoubtedly, one-of-the most popular cooking accepted internationally, and one would agree that it doesn’t stop where it is now. People are challenging the technology further, demanding mobility and performance to handle such luxurious cooking everywhere, from the back of the garden to the top of the building roof.

Nayati introduces the all-new Mobile Teppanyaki, a solution for everyone by the professional. With Nayati Mobile Teppanyaki, the chef can now focus on their performance, flipping and juggling utensils and eggs while the teppanyaki griddle works consistently, thanks to Nayati SSS Heating System.

SSS Heating is i

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nvented to deliver continuous top grilling performance. SSS stands for Steady-State Surface, named after its characteristic that defines good surface cooking: Stability to maintain temperature after continuous batches of grilling and Uniformity to have every square centimeter of the surface usable without a difference in performance.



Nayati All New Mobile Teppanyaki is designed for professional and non-professional, with solid high-temperature performance and robust design. Completed with self-closing drawer, sauce-bottle holder, knives holder, under-shelf, and high-grade castor to cater first class mobility and flexibility, delivering cooking appliances far more than the sum of its part. Check out Nayati Mobile Teppanyaki video performance here.

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