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A must have for every professional kitchen. Available in Single Phase Electrical connection, controlled by a digital display with timer and power management features. Designed with three sides access to keep up with the high demand of flexibility in professional kitchens.

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The attention given to the design of Nayati Electric Salamander is allowing users to adjust the height comfortably without compromising stability. The rail guard is easily cleaned and the drip pan is removable.The interface is designed to give freedom to the user in managing consumption and capacity. One can activate left surface zone, right surface zone, or both surface in 100% or 50% power rate. This empowers users to efficiently utilize space, time and energy consumption.
Without limiting the application of this appliance, Nayati Electric Salamander can also be mounted and integrated on a wall or on a stand as a part of Nayati Kitchen block. A consequently designed Salamander that proves to be user-friendly yet versatile. Check out Nayati Electric Salamander video performance here.

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