Continuing the success story of the partnership between Nayati and Gamatech AG, the team began a discussion to construct a bespoke solution situated in Winterthur, Switzerland to be completed by the end of 2016. Particularly, the primary kitchen is required to cater high production output in a small footprint of an area.

Skillspark is a sports center that houses over 200 sports-enthusiasts. The activities supported in the facilities include skating, soccer, bmx track, playground, fitness, parkour, and, of course, a bistro. The details behind the projects require Nayati and Gamatech to work together in great precision of communication.

The weekly menu, fixed for a period of time, is available with a choice between “traditional: and “vegetarian” option. To tackle such task in precise quantity and timing, Nayati Tilting Braising Pan, Tilting Boiling Pan and 4 Zones Induction Ranges were installed in singular frameworks to allow easy and accurate installation.

The induction range is powered with 4 multi zones with 7 kW power, perhaps the most efficient small to medium scale cooker. The tilting braising pan fits a 2 gastronomic container cooking, very versatile and powerful for continuous cooking while the tilting boiling pan, categorized as quick boiling pan (according to DIN 15588), is able to cook and boil 150 liters of food with ease.

The work table, the cabinet, and the splashback are meticulously calculated and designed to fit the sites. Planned in advance, the equipment was dispatched in two pieces to accommodate on-site adjustment without the hassle.

Having great product is meaningless without great execution, and We have our partner, Gamatech AG, to thank for their constructive support to make this project a success seamlessly from planning to finishing.