Gourmet Master is more than just a name for us. The name symbolizes culmination of profound know-how of multi-discipline in Western and Asian Cooking and as well refrigeration technology. The pinnacle of cooking lines that combines the best of both Oriental and Western Cooking technology. Gourmet Master applies perfection to each of its millimeters, leaving no gap for doubt and uncertainty. The ultimate tool that acts as a foundation of the stage for transcending culinary expression. Gourmet Master redefines our passion for your solution.

Curved Top Gourmet Master

Curved Top

Bended top surface that ensures minimal amount of grease or liquid substance can enter inside the construction.

Seamless Flush Nayati Kitchen

Seamless Flush

The labyrinth-inspired joint between two top panels, preventing liquid substance to enter inside the construction. Effective for multiple parts of kitchen block delivery when access to site is limited.

Salamander Stand by Nayati

Salamander Stand

Stand designed specifically for Nayati Electric Salamander is an integrated solution that fits the Salamander and conceal the electrical installation point in the column.

Stabilus Door

Polyurethane filling inside the door. Stable, lightweight, and reduces noise considerably.

Integrated Column

The column for Overshelf and Salamander is fully welded and curved for easier cleaning and hygiene purpose. It is constructed with a 4.5″ stainless steel tube for absolute stability.