A mission to save Indonesia from hunger amid this Covid-19 pandemic is a plan of action only a few of us are willing to do. The ACT – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (Fast Response Team) Indonesia is a noble mission with excellent dedication from each team member.

They are traveling to places all over Indonesia to share free nourishment with the poor who are greatly affected by this pandemic. To fulfill this noble act, they need a bigger kitchen capacity and adapt from the food truck trend. However, having a particular set of cooking instruments is not enough; they need to bring the whole kitchen and, consequently, a bigger space. Therefore, they need a Food Bus equipped with an entire package of modern kitchen apparatus.

Nayati is honored to be a part of this noble mission. Together with the kitchen contractor Restomart, we fitted the kitchen solution from our Meritus 750 line, from ranges to braising pan to enable the Food Bus to deliver high-capacity and high-frequency food output. Here’s hoping that this simple act of humanity can be the light that helps others see in an otherwise challenging moment.