During the day of the 7th of July, the internal task force team from Nayati operated together with the Military Area Command (Kodam) of Semarang, held a first dose mass vaccination right on the factory floor of PT. Nayati Indonesia. And just recently, on the 8th of August, the second dose has been successfully administered as well, ensuring each member of PT. Nayati Indonesia as fully vaccinated citizens and better protected against the pandemic.

We want to ensure that the vaccination phase is progressing. We are committing to everyone that no one is left behind, receiving the same treatment and level of protection as we understand that vaccination is the precursor of a safe workplace.

The Mass Vaccination welcomed the community surrounding the factory as well and has garnered 550 recipients in total. All of us have yet to be at the end of the tunnel, but having an additional sense of safety in the workplace is necessary for the recovery of the foodservice industry.