Fundamental equipment to have in commercial food service facilities, a uniform heat top, an even-heat plate, or commonly called a hot top. The abilities to produce and distribute heat over a larger area, represented by the thick griddle, then the burner itself, is essential in keeping up with the heavy kitchen traffic. Nayati Gas Hot Top considered as one of the most used ranges in the commercial kitchen, this appliance can really outshine other equipment in making a quantity of diverse stock as a base for soups or gravies.

The griddle surface is heated intensively in the center, up to 550 C, and less intensively on the outer surface of the griddle, 300 C. This enables Nayati Hot Top to melt butter and chocolates on the outer surface, simmer soup on the inner part, and impose heavy boiling on the center of the griddle. Not to forget, the center disc of the griddle is removable allowing a wok to sit right above a concentrated flame for high-temperature stir-fry.

1200 x 300

Nayati hot top is constructed of 3 pieces of 18 mm thick 16Mo5 griddle with special finishes that resists oxidation while maintaining tremendous heat exchange characteristic. The griddle is removable and made in 3 pieces to allow ease of cleaning and shorter maintenance time. The griddle edge is beveled allowing smoother transfer between hot top and adjacent open burner pot holder, which is designed at the same height. The even-heat plate is powered by 14 kW radial burner that produces concentric heating that heats up the center to 550 C.

Nayati Gas Hot Top can also be configured for added versatility, the griddle module can be combined with two open burners next to it as 1200 mm module, the hot top can be configured with a static oven underneath as well, allowing greater flexibilities in cooking. The static oven allows easy ignition from the front panel, with high-powered 10 kW burner. The oven below the hot top can be configured for one side operation or two side operation/pass through, the oven is operated up to 310 C which can be achieved, at room temperature, in a mere 9 minutes. Check out Nayati Gas Hot Top video performance below.

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