Bowery, the latest upscale restaurant in Semarang doesn’t compromise at all in proving that quality of a kitchen is the utmost priority in creating premium cuisine and service.

It is a pleasant possibility, to have a kitchen that is designed from scratch, where every little detail is involved, and perfection is expected through a well-planned space. The kitchen set-ups inside the Bowery is a three Meritus 750 island blocks, a Combi Steamers and a Mibrasa Charcoal Oven.


Each block is a specialized station, with distinct combinations of hot cooking appliances, the charcoal grill, noodle cooker, fryer, pasta cooker, wok, open burner, French hot top and griddle where one can creatively cook all kind of cuisines without limitation of quality and time. Additionally, there is a dedicated station for Combi Steamer and Charcoal Oven on the opposite side of the pass, powerful and versatile cooking instruments.

This concept is evoking an idea for different people working on each kitchen station comfortably, as the space allocated for a walking is quite generous. The spacing and the positioning of the appliance is giving a clear space impression, allowing the chef and staffs to communicate clearly, an important and irreplaceable point for both Head Chef and Sous Chef.

“We believe offering good requires creativity in cooking all kind of cuisines without limitation of quality and time. That is why we chose Nayati!” says Executive Chef Mili Hendratno on his idea in building a success story of Bowery.

The focus on the workflow is also visible and nicely done. The refrigerated ingredients are taken out and flow through the combi oven steamer in the preparation phase and go through the kitchen block stations or the charcoal oven; the food is then finished and perfected with the electric salamander positioned across the pass where the cuisine is served to the customers. Check out our video project below.