Traditional oriental cooking highlight the flame as the source of cooking and this view has been consistent in modern days. Professional Chefs around the world have the appetite for a powerful ranges, while the market has yet to find a balanced solution between power and efficiency. Nayati Oriental Series introduces Oriental Wok that deliver balance in performance.

Constructed with durable treated solid cast iron burner, the wok is able to deliver consistent high powered flame up to 40 kW with uncompromised durability.

The cooking chamber is covered in high-temperature resistant refractory stone. The overall dome design also allows user to benefit from hygienic deep drawn top panel as much as the service technician to benefit from the reachability for component replacements.


The wok range is designed with ergonomic faucet, water spray system, and drain designs with declining top panel to ensure that the water flows seamlessly for cleaning and cooling. Operated with the external ignition system, the wok range is user-friendly to those both experienced and inexperienced users.

Nayati Oriental Wok Range offer various oriental cooking solutions like wok range with higher efficiency premix system, wok holder, sauce table, soup warmer and multiple depths of 700 mm, 900 mm or 1250 mm. A tested and proven answers for chefs with an appetite of cooking power and performance. Check out Nayati Oriental Wok video performance here.