wideFollowing last-year, Nayati was, for the first-time, awarded Primaniyarta for Pioneering New Export Market of Indonesia. Having the opportunity to participate for the second time in the award held by Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, Nayati manages to be, once again, the winner of Primaniyarta 2016 with the same category of New Export Market Pioneer.  In 2016, Nayati has developed sales contact from as many as 139 export countries, encouraging buyers to convince Indonesia as the prime source of quality commodity.

“Derived from ancient Sanskrit “Prima”(Premium, highest or successful) and “Niyarta” (Export), the award is the highest reward given by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the most successful Indonesia exporters and to them who can be the role model for the other Indonesian exporters.” opened general director of the national export development acting as chairman of committee of Primaniyarta. Winning Primaniyarta last year also gives the opportunity to Nayati to display some of the finest Nayati product in the prestigious Primaniyarta booth during Trade Expo Indonesia.

“Throughout the economic challenge that everyone faces in 2016, it is essential that We strive forward and remind ourselves the importance of business excellence. A distinct quality that is much needed to be ahead in the coming years” said Nayati Export Team during the nomination interview. The award was granted by the President of Indonesia along with Minister of Trade of Indonesia together with the opening of Trade Expo Indonesia on October 12, 2016.

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