When Nayati were approached by Fat Boys Catering-Equipment team to work with them on the latest Red Hot World Buffet site in Leicester, we were delighted to be able to provide the solution for their client’s particular cooking requirement. The brief was to design and manufacture a multi-cooking island unit capable of handling the locations requirement for the barbecuing and grilling of all meat including Halal prepared meats.

Working within a very short lead time and supply window, our factory pulled out all the stops and manufactured the unit in just two weeks, leaving just a matter of 5/6 weeks for delivery to the UK. The answer to the Red Hot World Buffet requirement came in the form of a bespoke 1600 kg Gourmet Master one piece top unit, featuring three gas barbecue grills and two flat griddles, with cupboards and open storage on both sides.

The challenge to manufacture and deliver such an item to the UK was one thing, to get the unit into the location, installed and ready for the next day’s service was another thing altogether. On a recent Tuesday evening at 10.30 pm, after the restaurant had closed for business, the operation to lift maneuver, position, and install the unit commenced. Some six and a half hours later the unit was in place and ready to be connected.