“Nayati’s professional-grade kitchen block provides me with the high-powered flame and technology I need for cooking meals for my family with love and precision,” says Mrs. Hartono.
When building their new home, Mr and Mrs Hartono didn’t think twice about investing a Nayati professional residential kitchen block for their daily cooking needs as an active young couple committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Nayati’s high-powered flame kitchen block featured a professional grade wok, open burners, convection oven, grill and deep fryer which was perfect for the Hartonos who wanted to cook multiple meals at varied settings quickly while maintaining nutritional quality.

“I get so many compliments on our Nayati kitchen block island from family and friends. Not only is cooking on my Nayati kitchen block a delight, it’s also simple to keep the kitchen clean with the industrial-strength exhaust and sleek stainless steel construction which also complements the contemporary aesthetic of our home interior” ¬†she added.

“Nayati were so professional and caring in listening to our kitchen needs and were very helpful from concept to completion and ongoing customer service. We are very happy with our kitchen block and would recommend Nayati to anyone who wants the best for their kitchen needs” as she closed the interview.