Steaming is such an important concept of cooking emphasizing on the originality of taste, keeping its freshness and nourishment, minimizing both flavor and nutritional loss. Looking back to the time where stoneware is used for steaming, the method still upholds its philosophy, the Temperature, and Time Control.


Less time and higher heat are more desirable, where fewer nutrients will leach into the water: The faster the heat combined with the continuous flow of water in the steam box, more volume of steam will be produced, reducing the time of steaming and reducing nutritional loss. Nayati’s Steamer Family is developed around this philosophy.

Nayati Oriental Steamer is powered by premix engine burner that utilizes a high-efficiency combination of air and gas, producing superior performance compared to standard steamers. The steaming force is also regulated by the control panel allowing chefs to achieve the customized steaming result. The steam generated using premix engine is generally 40% more efficient compared to the conventional atmospheric steamer. The appliances are designed with the separate steam chamber (NGSCD – three decks version) with a high-quality rotary lock that retains the steam inside perfectly. With variances of three decks (NGSCD), dim sum (NGSB) or rice roll version (NGRS), Nayati Oriental Steamer redefines oriental steaming in a professional kitchen. Check out Nayati Orinetal Steamer video performance here.