A well-planned kitchen can never reach ideal streamlined workflow without proper dishwashing solutions, this remains true in any modern professional kitchen, especially, where every inch of space is greatly appreciated.



A complete and definitive washing instruments are what Nayati aims to deliver, introducing Nayati Dishwasher Family that focuses on bringing total washing solution in a minimum footprint. The washing technology is equipped with the intelligent control interface that automates the cleaning process precisely when the water is reaching the optimum washing and rinsing temperature.

Each Nayati Dishwasher Type is completed with three primary pumps to wash, rinse and drain, and two supporting pumps for cleaning detergent and rinse aid dispensing. This refinement feature is enveloped with minimalistic design to ensure user and service friendly operation.

Nayati Dishwasher is available in varying capacity: under counter, pass through the hood and compact rack type along with hundreds of stainless steel washing furniture combination ensuring that customer will always get the optimum layout, planning, solution and, ultimately, kitchen workflow. Check out Nayati Dishwasher video performance here.