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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment
Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

PARKROYAL Langkawi: Luxurious Beachfront Resort

Having the extensive cuisine to offer from the five restaurants, Park Royal benefitted from having Nayati as the kitchen equipment covering the Asian and Western Cooking Equipment and as well the front-line refrigeration. 


Five blower-powered woks are installed side by side, handling most of the cooking.  Steamers are employed to its full with the distinct purpose: deck steaming for rice, fish, and chicken, for dim sum and the other for rice rolled dishes. On the far side of the kitchen, a chamber is in place to contain a duck roaster and pig roaster.

MING YUAN RESTAURANT by Nayati Kitchen Equipment
Aperitif Restaurant Bali Kitchen Equipment

The Experience: Aperitif Restaurant Bali

Delivering sophisticated degustation menu is the fundament for Apéritif, Nayati incorporates the induction technology from Fluxron that utilizes temperature probe to sense the core temperature, be it meat or chocolate accurately. The overhead user interface of the induction further obviates the needs of unnecessary ergonomy.

 The ultimate tool that acts as a foundation of the stage for transcending culinary expression.

Curved Top Kitchen Block

Curved Top

Bended top surface that ensures minimal amount of grease or liquid substance can enter inside the construction.

Seamless Flush Technology

Seamless Flush

The labyrinth-inspired joint between two top panels, preventing liquid substance to enter inside the construction. Effective for multiple parts of kitchen block delivery when access to site is limited.

Salamander Stand by Nayati

Salamander Stand

Stand designed specifically for Nayati Electric Salamander is an integrated solution that fits the Salamander and conceal the electrical installation point in the column.

Kitchen Block by Nayati

100% made from Indonesia. Discover Nayati’s Restaurant Kitchen equipment lineup.

One will find it so common that Nayati is what they consider value products in restaurant. Having different product with different capacity gives customers freedom to choose tailored solution for their exclusive restaurants.

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