Wide-ScreenBalanced and well-defined combination of delicacy and arts is the recipe of eating out that everyone put a lot of effort in, but only a few succeed in landing the winning formula. As a popular venue situated in the center of Semarang with the splendid view that overlooks the city, Rustico, kitchen and bar, knows how to redefine dining experience with style.RUSTICO-ADDRESS

With rustic-fashioned decoration contributed by renowned designer, Rustico delivers Western-Italian Fusion cuisine inside a stylish 2-floor restaurant. “The team is now working on the 3rd floor where we can offer more seating to our customers, giving better services,” says the restaurant manager, Mr. Lie Mieko. “We focus on cooking equipment with reliability, from brands that are well-valued on the market, that’s why we choose Nayati as our primary cooking equipment,” he continues. The idea is to optimize every activity in the kitchen and to focus more on the customer.

Nayati installed some of the surface cooking equipment from Meritus line, and also includes Gas Salamander and Combi Steamer. NCG 611 (6 Trays Gas Combi Steamer) is used daily as the main arsenal to roast and bake big volumes, resulting a massive increase in manpower efficiency. A four-hob gas range, noodle cooker, and surface cooker are also installed facing the main kitchen door as one of the most used and versatile instrument of cooking.Under the leadership of seasoned Masterchef, William Gozali, Rustico is truly looking forward to being a place worth a special journey.

DSC_5370 (Copy) DSC_5308 (Copy)COMBI STEAMER (Copy)