Noodle cooking has been the primary foundation in traditional cuisine and they make a great, healthy and staple food, universally loved by people everywhere in the world. The unleavened dough can be made into a limitless piece of shapes and textures, creating a unique neutral taste that goes very well with sauce or meat toppings.

The principle of noodle cooking requires rather simple but careful processes. The noodle naturally cooks easily, therefore, it is crucial to take out and cool the noodle at its perfect texture before it softens further. The water inside the bowl needs to be boiling intensively, possibly with the addition of salt to increase the boiling temperature, before the noodle can be put inside. It is necessary to keep the boiling process fast to retain the original taste and texture, depending on the kind of noodle.

Timing is Everything…


Introducing the new generation of Nayati Noodle Cooker with Auto-lifter, which is available on gas and electric. The noodle cooker can hold up to 6 baskets simultaneously, covering the maximum capacity that one operator can serve, but the true potential lies in the auto-lifting device. The auto lifting kit is equipped with an individual timer for each lifter and basket, enabling individual basket to cook at a different time. The unit is equipped with water faucet and overflow allowing the user to constantly recycle the tank with fresh water.

This is a huge empowerment that triples productivity, no longer does the process of cooking noodle need an extra supervision because each basket is timed accurately before it is lifted and cooled, producing a consistent good boiling result of any kind of noodle. This also allows chefs to cook a different kind of noodle on different basket, as each basket can be timed differently. To put it simply, the noodle is boiled with individual timed sequence, this empowers chefs to work on other tasks while waiting for the lifter to automatically come up.

Conceptually, this machine is built for professional to cater front cooking with a minimum amount of operational manpower, minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency and, most importantly, consistency. As earlier principle holds true in noodle cooking, the cooker is designed with the heating system particularly devised for this purpose, the heat is not uniformly spread, but rather creating focused turbulence on each immersed basket, shortening the boiling time.

Nayati Noodle Cooker with Automatic Lifter helps professional in generating consistent quality in noodle making while retaining good value of return in investment. Check out Auto-Lift Noodle Cooker video performance below.

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