In an industry where the product is the focus, an exhibition remains the best marketing campaign a company can’t afford to overlook. The Food and Hotel Indonesia 2022 was a part of the Food and Hotel exhibition series, the leading program in Asia. The show was postponed since 2021 and was finally held on July 26-29, 2022.
Titik Temu Sarinah

The show was solid evidence that this great industry’s people are meant to be present physically in front of the people and the equipment. The show was thrilled about the post-pandemic industry’s revival and the South East Asian market, especially in Indonesia.



Nayati is prevalent in the show by displaying the total food service solution right in front of the main entrance of A1; introducing the new Asian Cooking Series, Meritus 750 series, Gourmet Station, and The Charcoal Mix Grill, Refrigeration Cabinet and Counter, and the Residential Kitchen setup.

We are looking forward to being present as well to the continuation of this exhibition in Food and Hotel Asia in Singapore, which will be held on October 25-28 2022.

Food and Hotel Indonesia has always been about quality discussion, professional meetings, and matching point platforms. The results from the show leave us no choice but to be grateful for this event’s success and look forward to welcoming them again in the following opportunities. See you again in FHI 2023, from July 25-28!