.TEMU Sarinah was created as a hub to wind down amidst the boisterous city life. Strategically situated at the heart of Jakarta is the iconic Sarinah. Now transformed into a modern community space, Sarinah welcomes our sixth experience.
Titik Temu Sarinah

Titik Temu has always successfully cultivated local value into a new creative and relevant form in each establishment. One of them is seen from our interior. The ceiling design is inspired by Tumpang Sari, a building tradition of Javanese, Joglo, in a more modern form.

On the kitchen side, .Temu doesn’t really have a specific direction in Asian or Western food, but we are experimenting with everything with a touch of Indonesian cuisine. Soto Betawi Lamb Shank and Rendang Tacco are among those culinary creations unique to .TEMU.

Nayati works alongside Restomart in supporting the team to plan and develop a concept to deliver their needs. From preparation to serving, all the equipment has been installed neatly; with high quality and heavy-duty equipment, they are able to move forward confidently.

“I like the service from RestoMart; very responsive and professional. They are giving solutions for each of the problems we encounter. They immediately come at once when we call them. ” says Kenrick, the chef of .TEMU Sarinah.

Please check our video below highlighting what .TEMU Sarinah stands for and how Nayati is helping them!