Baked. is a bakery venue in Canggu, Bali, focusing entirely on the baked product. Despite being known as a foreign lifestyle, they are set to forge the bakery culture into their surroundings. Gustave, one of the founders, shares how buying freshly baked bread in the morning is a very important and special routine that shaped his childhood memories.

Established in Berawa and Pererenan – Canggu, Bali, Baked wants to build a very strong base and connect with the community. The site was powered with Nayati equipment, deck oven, proofer, refrigeration cabinet, counter, and cold room power their daily baking needs. While the Meritus 750 gas range is positioned next to the openly designed Pass area to fulfill their hot kitchen demand.

An expansion of production area is already being planned on the horizon to meet the increasing demand for their excellent pâtisserie

For Jella and Gustave, the founder of Baked., choosing Nayati and RestoMart as the equipment provider and kitchen contractor, respectively, was an obvious decision as this is their 3rd project with Nayati and RestoMart. “Yeah, it’s been very pleasant to have Nayati over the floor almost daily and I wouldn’t change it for anything”, says Jella.

Please check our video below highlighting how Baked.’s founder shares their baking passion and how Nayati is helping them reach their goal!