RUMA Dining is a private dining space in South Jakarta founded by Chef Renatta Moeloek, better known for her famed role as the returning judge in Masterchef Indonesia. And her passion for gastronomy is visible in every inch of this area.
Ruma Dining Renatta

The original concept for RUMA Dining is consistently aimed at a casual private dining scene. The space is limited but it allows for an ideal workflow; planning a big quantity of service is still manageable as much as the space for seating allows.

Everything centers around the 6-hobs gas range, with additional preparation tables on the left and right. The exhaust hood features a touchless operation system, which allows total control of the ventilation via proximity sensors. The island across the stove acts as the pass as well as the garnish station.

RUMA Dining has been commercially thriving as the space is also being operated by a network of Professional Chefs or Culinary Specialists for events and content creation. Despite the business element of RUMA Dining, the space is still a “home” for Chef Renatta as it always reminds her what cooking means for her; happiness in sharing good food!

Check out the video below where Chef Renatta shares what fuels her passion for cooking!