Luggo Cafe & Eatery, established in Tembalang, Central Java, Indonesia, is set to be the most convenient eatery for those who’d love to dine-in, attend a social event, and enjoy breathtaking mountain view all at the same time.

Romy Haidar, the owner of Luggo, emphasizes that he wants everyone to experience enjoyment whenever anyone steps into the establishment.

It all makes sense to equip Luggo with a wide range of Gas Meritus 750 appliances, as they intend to cover both selections from Western, Asian, and even Mexican cuisines. These are fully utilizing the capacity that Meritus 750 can cover as Luggo dining accommodation cover 170 seats, across three dining areas and includes a bar.


Haidar highlighted that with Luggo as their first Food and Beverage industry, they’d rather have it right the first time. Hence for them, involving Nayati and Restomart is the right measure.

Please check our video below highlighting what Luggo Cafe and Eatery stand for and how Nayati is helping them!