Nikusha is a premium modern Japanese all-you-can-eat concept deemed as the first of its own in Semarang, Indonesia. Considering the premium ingredients offered on the menu, Nikusha is indeed impressively unique.


While the highlight is the self-grilling of the premium meat, visitors can also enjoy cuisine prepared and displayed right next to the open kitchen. The key point for Nikusha is to make sure visitors can see the food being prepared in the kitchen.

Nayati is fitting the back kitchen with gas range and gas wok range for their main preparation tools. It is also complimented by fryers and medium-sized stock pot stoves. Cooking in quantity is mandatory in this sort of setting, but the space allocated is not without limit as Nikusha is operating inside a shopping mall.


A good relationship with their customer is very dentrimental. By helping the customer to be on their comfort while enjoying the food, the customer trusts Nikusha and makes it easy for the customer to return. Efficiency is key, and selecting Nayati to fit their entire kitchen was the answer for Nikusha.

Please check our video below highlighting what Nikusha is and how Nayati is empowering them!